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Regarding any question, you can reach Jane, Bernard or even Hugh (depending on which one will be in the better mood to reply to you) by phone at 0134778585 from Mondays to Fridays between 9:00am and 5:00pm (yes, after 5:00pm, they party), by email at (here, of course, you can send you email at any time, and Jane or maybe Bernard will reply to you as soon as possible, yes, … Hugh doesn’t like emails a lot) or even via our contact form.




My account

I would like to contact you.

Nothing could be more simple! You can use our contact form by clicking here, or send us an email at, or even call us to hear Gerard’s sweet voice at +33 (0)1 34 77 85 85.

I would like to modify some information regarding my customer account.

You just need to sign in to your account, then in the sections ‘My personal information’ and/or ‘My addresses’, you can modify your information.

I would like to delete my customer account.

To delete your customer account, you must make a request using our contact form, by email at or by phone at +33 (0)1 34 77 85 85, all your personal information and data will then be definitely deleted from our data base.

I want to be informed of your novelties and events, what should I do?

To receive all of the information regarding our novelties and events, you can subscribe to our newsletter:

  • at the bottom of this page in the box ‘I demand to receive your news’ by registering you email address
  • or directly from you customer account in ‘My personal information’, by checking the box ‘I demand to receive your news’, before validating the modifications made.

Our packaging

What is a silk-screen printed ECLEA tin?

Our ECLEA tins, designed in metal, preserve all the flavors and the freshness of the plants they contain from air, humidity and heat.

Fun and refined with their stackable side, they are lacquered and silk-screen printed by hand, their colors enable a visual recognition of the contained blend, because they represent the universes of the House. The black tin corresponds to a flavored black tea; the green tin to a flavored green tea; the pink tin to a ‘weed’; the grey tin to a plain tea and the blue tin to an herbal tea.

In our eco-friendly approach, those tins are obviously reusable and rechargeable.

What is a Parisian bag M or L?

The Parisian bag is a packaging in its own right, with a vintage design, inspired by the doctor’s bag.

Registered in our eco-friendly approach, this packaging is made of biodegradable insulating paper as a substitute for aluminum, but which preserves nevertheless the aromas and the freshness of the tea.

Those bags benefit from a large opening, to avoid breaking the tea leaf, and which offers a packaged loose leaf tea in the best hygiene environment.

This packaging is only available for a selection of our range.

What are the precious teabags?

The precious teabags correspond to the 2g pre-dosed individual bags. They combine the quality of a great tea with the advantages of a teabag, and they have been developed to fully favor the opening of whole leaves during the infusion. Made of the finest and silkiest nylon possible, they do not spoil the taste of the tea, because they do not contain any material of vegetal origin, or glue, or staple.

The over-wrappings of those teabags respond to the eco-friendly values of the House, designed without any aluminum nor derivative. They offer barriers of preservation for the aromas to guarantee the best quality.

What is a loose leaf tea bag?

The loose leaf tea bag, registered in our eco-friendly approach, preserves the aromatic barrier of the plants and keeps them from air, humidity and heat, just the time for you to receive your order. You can then, for an optimal preservation of your plants, put them in tins.

This packaging is only available for a selection of our range.

I can’t find the packaging I want.

All of our products are available in ECLEA tins, only a selection of our range is available in Parisian bags or precious teabags, you will find the rest of our range in loose leaf tea bags.

My order

Which payment modes can I use to pay my order?

We offer various payment modes at the point of making the payment for your order:

  • Payment by Bank Card for an immediate and secured processing of your order.
  • Payment by check or bank transfer with a processing of the order that will happen as from the receipt of the payment.
  • Payment in kind for an eco-friendly processing but not guaranteed…
Can I cancel or modify my order?

You can cancel your order by making a request to our customer service using our contact form, by email at or by phone at +33 (0)1 34 77 85 85 specifying your order number.

To modify an order, you must initially cancel it, and then place this order again, taking into account your wishes of modification.

My order comprises a mistake, what to do?

Your order has been prepared with the utmost care by our team. However, if your package is not in compliance with your order, please refer to our customer service using our contact form, by email at or by phone at +33 (0)1 34 77 85 85, specifying your order number and indicating what the mistake is.

I have received my order with a damaged product.

Your orders are prepared with care and attention by our teams and travel at the buyer’s own risks. Any claim regarding the state of the delivered products must be notified to the postal services of the country of destination. Our customer service can nevertheless accompany you in your steps. 

I can’t place my order.

If the problem persists, feel free to tell our customer service using our contact form, by email at or by phone at +33 (0)1 34 77 85 85. It will accompany you and help you to place your order.

I would like to place an order without creating a customer account.

You have the possibility to place an order on our online shop without creating a customer account, your personal information and data will then not be stored and you will have to fill them again for each order placement. In order to do so, once your cart is validated at the stage ‘My account’, only fill in the fields located in the part ‘I am in a hurry’.

Is it possible to exchange a product? Or to return it to the store?

Once you have received your order, you have the possibility to withdraw. In accordance with the clauses of the article L.121-20-2 of the Code of Consumption, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for products which are likely to deteriorate or to quickly expire such as tea.

Regarding other products, as from the delivery date, you have a period of 14 clear days to exercise your right of withdrawal and to return the order in order to get a refund.

The products ordered on our online shop cannot be returned to the shop. 

Preparation and shipping

When is my parcel prepared?

Once your order and payment are confirmed, our e-platform’s teams will prepare your parcel with care, and lots of love as always (you are going to receive an email to let you know) and will send it within the following 24 working hours!

I ordered more than 24 working hours ago but my parcel has still not been shipped.

Don’t panic! Your order is being prepared, and in order for everything to be perfect we have to respect quality and verification processes which can sometimes require a little more time – so it should be shipped very soon. It is also possible that another tea lover was quicker than you were and ordered the exact same product… we then have to wait for a restocking of this reference. However, if you are terribly worried about your order, you can contact us by phone Mondays to Fridays from 09:00am to 05:00pm at +33 (0)1 34 77 85 85 or by email, whenever you want, to (Janine or Bernard will do their best to reply to you as soon as possible – don’t count too much on Hugh…).

Who delivers my parcel ?

Once your order is ready, that you parcel is beribboned and closed, we hand it over to postal services – there is nothing for it but for you to count every day, every hour, every minute and every second before receiving it :)

For a shipping in Colissimo outside of France, postal services can vary according to the destination country.
For a shipping in Colissimo France or Recorded Colissimo France, postal services are 48 business hours.

Can I benefit from free shipping for a sending to Metropolitan France?

You benefit from free shipping for any order sent to Metropolitan France starting from 40€ worth of purchase incl. VAT, or for the purchase of a gift set.

* Non valid on donations in favor of Théodora Children’s Charity

Can I benefit from free shipping for a sending to the European Union?

Shipping is free starting from 95€ worth of purchase for any order sent to the European Union, Switzerland or FOD.

* Non valid on donations in favor of Théodora Children’s charity

Can I benefit from free shipping for a sending to another destination?

You benefit from free shipping starting from 150€ worth of purchase incl. VAT for any order sent to other countries (the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan…).

* Non valid on donations in favor of Théodora Children’s Charity.

How much will the shipping of my parcel cost me?

For a sending to Metropolitan France, shipping fees are 8.00€ incl. VAT for any order under 18.00€ worth of purchase incl. VAT and 5.95€ for any order between 18.00€ and 39.95€ worth of purchase incl. VAT.
For a sending to the EU, Switzerland or FOD, for any order under 95.00€ worth of purchase incl. VAT, the cost is 16.00€ incl. VAT.
For any other destinations and for any order under 150.00€ worth of purchase incl. VAT, shipping fees are 35.00€ incl. VAT – for any order between 300.00€ and 400.00€ worth of purchase incl. VAT, the cost is 100.00€; from 400.00€ to 500.00€ worth of purchase incl. VAT, the cost is 135.00€ incl. VAT.

Can I send my gift order directly to mum/dad/grandpa/grandma/the teacher/my friend…?

Absolutely, and it’s very simple! You choose your products and place your order as usual, when the moment comes to indicate to us the information concerning the delivery address, simply provide the complete contact information of the person to whom you want the parcel to be delivered to.
Don’t forget to check the provided ‘Gift wrapping’ tick-box (and maybe to add a little note from you) before confirming your order.

Around tea

What does the date mentioned on my "dose" stand for?

When you receive your THEODOR parcel, it is very likely that you discover a few additional attentions, slipped by our 'little hands' while preparing your parcel, only for you ;) Among these, it is possible that you find evenemential individual teabags, called "doses", either they are of "laziness", "happiness", or even "fairy" or "love" (who knows)...

With full transparency, for all of the existing products on our catalog, no date is mentioned on teabags, because they are sold inside a box on which all necessary information are mentioned (including the famous date of minimum durability (DMD) assigned when the tea is being produced).
As these "doses" are not intended for sale and as they are not presented inside a box, it is possible that we had to append a date on the teabag when the overwrapping was manufactured, but don't worry, in any case it is not a DMD but in fact the date indicating the production of the overwrapping.

And to add even more precisions to this, as you certainely know it, we produce the tea for each order, which is also the case for the tea contained inside eventual "evenemential" tea doses. Of course, the tea is always produced according to the event, so that it is the most fresh and the most recent possible.
Besides, our tea house is registered in eco-friendly values, which is why, in case there was some overwrappings left in our warehouses following an event, we could be led to use them again later even if they were initially scheduled for an event in particular, instead of simply throwing them away (the date that is mentioned on the teabag is not important, but the tea itself is indeed produced at the moment M especially for the occasion).

It seems important to us to add one more precision, in any case, the date mentioned on the box (box of 25 teabags, advent calendar, new year or advent calendar, gift sets...) is indeed the one to be taken into account, testifying the production date of the tea contained inside.
Besides, please know that in any case, and the information is only to reassure you, the dates indicated on all of our blends are no "best before dates" because tea is no perishable goods, it is however a date of minimal durability, and even if you still had a doubt, the tea woul dbe perfectly drinkable and without any risk for your health!

How to prepare tea properly?

On each product page you will find the preparation tips, to successfully prepare your infusion. Especially the water temperature and the infusion time; those data are given for informative purposes only, because the infusion time can vary according to the person’s taste.

Where do your teas come from? And who selects them?

Our purchase and deliveries, arrive in a permanent and regular way, taking into account the availability of the offered quality of ‘harvestings’, of the seasonality, directly to a group of small farmers, throughout the year, according to the origins and referenced as the years go along.

Our teas are subject to a selection plantation by plantation, based on specifications very precise and being subject to numerous verifications.

They are selected by Guillaume LELEU, our tea taster. (See the article ‘Where do our teas come from?’)

Who creates the blends of your house?

Our blends are exclusively created by our tea taster, Guillaume Leleu, founder of THEODOR House (See ‘The Impertinent Parisian’)

Would it be possible to receive samples?

Our house, is unique in the French tea landscape, because we produce our blends and pack our teas in our workshops in Bonnières sur Seine, near Paris. In this capacity, we do not register in a logic of business or storage, whereas in an approach of quality, freshness and excellence, which leads us to produce practically by order. We are unfortunately not in a position to forward samples to you by post mail outside of an order placed on our online shop or when purchasing in a store.

Do your teas meet any specific standard?

All of our products are KOSHER certified, which demands heavy constraints during the selection of our raw materials and demands a strict selection of suppliers. This certification is subject to audits every year within our facilities and guarantees the whole food safety of our products. (See the article ‘Kashrut certificate’)

I am under the impression that my tea has changed.

Various factors can explain the evolution of the teas. The teas are composed of natural raw materials for the main part. Thanks to them, the teas evolve, develop and improve with time, contrary to a tea containing a majority of synthetic products which do not evolve, either in color or in taste.

The preservation conditions play a key role in the evolution of the teas. We recommend to keep them away from air, light, humidity and heat.

Besides, the difference of perception of a same tea can also have other explanations:

  • the day time, the temperature, the weather conditions, the seasons (for instance: during the summer, the palate is more receptive to aromas and perfumes);
  • the perception of the palate, which is modified following changes in diet, medication intake;
  • the environment and place of tea tasting


I would like to sell THEODOR products in my establishment.

You can send us your detailed request using our contact form, by email at or by phone at +33 (0)1 34 77 85 85, which will be able to steer you towards the related service.

I would like to make a partnership with THEODOR.

You can send us your detailed request using our contact form, by email at or by phone at +33 (0)1 34 77 85 85, which will be able to steer you towards the related service.

I would like to distribute THEODOR products.

You can send us your detailed request using our contact form, by email at or by phone at +33 (0)1 34 77 85 85, which will be able to steer you towards the related service.

Processing of personal data

What are personal data ?

They are information allowing to identify you, either directly or not, such as your name, surname or even your email address, postal address…

Which of my data can be collected by THEODOR?

We wish to make your privacy our first choice and will only ask you the information that are necessary. The data which are likely to be collected can be related to your identity, your contact information, or even any other information of your order history that you will find in your customer account, or any element you would have forwarded to us within the frame of special requests directly to our customer service.
No payment information is collected nor processed by THEODOR, card payments are directly made to the bank.

To what end are these data used?

Within the frame of your orders’ processing and shipping, the management of your customer account, the sending of our news and exceptional offers by email if you subscribed to our newsletter, your order history and their delivery by a third part provider. We also use cookies in order to always offer you the best customer experience on and to establish statistics.

Are my personal data resold by THEODOR?

NEVER! We don’t sell and will never resell your information to third parts. We process your data within the European Union, and mainly in our head offices located in Bonnières-sur-Seine. We work with a few trustworthy partners who are likely to have access to these data, they are mainly the bank for the payment of your orders, the delivery company for the shipping of your orders, computer and digital services for the management and well operating of, THEODOR’s communication and marketing department to send our newsletter to our subscribers.

What are my rights concerning my personal data?

You can at any time access, modify, rectify or complete your information, either directly from your customer account or simply by contacting us by post mail (at the address: S.F.T.O 1842 - BP34B – Z.I. RN 13 - 78270 Bonnières sur Seine – France) or by email at
You also have a right of erase, portability and to withdraw your consent (if one was previously provided).


I would like to apply for an internship at THEODOR Paris.

You can send us your application (résumé + cover letter), specifying the concerned position, by email at, we will come back to you as soon as possible.

I would like to apply for a job at THEODOR Paris.

You can send us your application (résumé + cover letter), specifying the concerned position, by email at , we will come back to you as soon as possible.


Why is there a seagull in some areas on your website?

A seagull? Where? Oh, yes! She is our mascot, Josette! THEODOR’s traveling seagull, she likes the adventure and doesn’t only stroll on the banks of the Seine river in Paris, but on each continent, along harbors, beaches, on our website, on our shopping bags…